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list of people.

List of incumbents: kings, popes and presidents

List of prizes, medals, and awards

List of personal naming conventions

List of most popular family names

List of Biblical names

List of left-handed people

List of cancer patients

List of tuberculosis victims

List of artists who died of drug-related causes

List of assassinated persons

political theorists

List of paraplegic people

List of eccentrics

List of heterosexuals

List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people

List of transgendered people

List of vegetarians

List of occultists

List of pacifists

List of atheists

List of murdered people


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List of common misspellings

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List of collective nouns


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Glasglow Research Project
By admin
Published: December 31, 1969
Updated: November 2, 2007

Here at Glasglow we strive to maintain one of the largest information databases in the world. Here you can find research information on just about any topic possible.

Glasglow research project site is packed full of information. Covering Astronomy and astrophysics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer science, Earth science, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics ,Statistics, Law, Library and information science, Public affairs, Software engineering, Technology, Transport, Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, Agriculture, Architecture, Business and industry Communication, Education, Engineering, Family and consumer science, Health science, designing, Geography, History, History of science and technology, Language, Linguistics, Mythology, Political science, Psychology, Sociology, novels, literature, and more. Last know 7,493,000 web pages!

Astronomy and astrophysics - Biology - Chemistry - Computer science - Earth science - Mathematics - Philosophy - Physics - StatisticsAgriculture - Architecture - Business and industry - Communication - Education - Engineering - Family and consumer Science  - Health science - Law - Library and information science - Public affairs - Software engineering - Technology - Transport - Anthropology - Archaeology - Economics - Geography - History - History of science and technology - Language - Linguistics - Mythology - Political science - Psychology - Sociology - Business Valuation

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Business And Finance

finance topics

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List of banks

4217 currency codes

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List of stock market indices

List of U.S. states by unemployment rate

Lists of companies

Timeline of the Enron scandal

List of highest paid baseball players


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List of ethnic groups

List of Australian Aboriginal tribes

Chinese ethnic groups

List of communities in Nunavut

List of ethnic groups in Laos

List of ethnic groups in Vietnam

List of fraternal organizations

List of service organizations

List of literature on rural issues

Types of rural communities


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List of people

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List of digital library projects

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List of how-tos

List of magazines

List of newspapers

List of unsolved problems


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Religious Lists

List of religious topics

List of Bible stories

List of Biblical names

Buddhist terms and concepts

List of Buddhist terms and concepts

List of deities

List of demons

List of Di Indigetes

List of Islamic terms in Arabic

List of monasteries dissolved by Henry VIII of England

List of religious topics

List of Religions of the world


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Physics lists

List of physics topics

List of equations in classical mechanics

List of laws in science

List of letters used in mathematics and science

List of physics topics

List of satellites which have provided data on the magnetosphere

Physical constant

List of Artificial Radiation Belts


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